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Welcome to Tanadu!

Tanadu - browser MMO game (EN)01:29

Tanadu - browser MMO game (EN)

Set in the mysterious and dangerous land of raw magic, Tanadu lets you assume the role of a hero and a leader, struggling to expand his realm and better the lot of his people.

Half a century ago explorers from the Old Kingdoms discovered a new continent on the furthest end of a great ocean. Searching for gold and treasures, they found instead something no less valuable, but far more dangerous – an essence of raw force, substance called tanadu. This changed their world, as well as the virgin land they invaded, for the greed of man is insatiable, and the power of magic endless.

You are one of the many leaders of a war-thorn Lost Continent. You will have to gather the heroes of the land, organize great armies, and lead your people to greatness. Fate of the land is in your hands, and only the bravest deserve to rule tanadu.

Mythic dragons, dwarven flying ships, deceitful elves, ancient horrors and powerful magic – all of this can be found in a unique high fantasy world of Tanadu. Join this innovative MMO strategy game and see for yourself!

Most articles on this wiki is created by fans of the game with some participation of employees of the company creating Tanadu, for which we sincerely thank them.

Fanpage Can't Stop Games

Unofficial Fansite Fanpage

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