Premium Account Account duration Price
Premium1 14 days For: Gleemmer ico 120
Premium2 30 days For: Gleemmer ico 200 Receive more than 20%
Premium3 180 days For: Gleemmer ico 900 Receive more than 40%
Premium4 365 days For: Gleemmer ico 1500 Receive more than 60%

Premium shop small Join the elite ranks of players with Premium Accounts and get a lot of benefits!

Twofold increase to the limit of possessed items!Edit

Ps icon sr 13 Premium Account holders can have not 100, but 200 items!

Increase to the number of auctions offered!Edit

Ps icon sr 4 Now you have the chance to start many simultaneous auctions and earn a lot from them!

Increase to the number of visible attacks!Edit

Ps icon sr 6 You no longer need to guess who will attack you - you can see six coming attacks!

Improve your travel and navigation!Edit

Ps icon sr 1 Ten slots for navigation points and increased hero speed will make it easier to move around the map!

Storage for nine army patterns!Edit

Ps icon sr 9 Be flexible and have an army pattern for every situation.

Doubled the number of duels in the Arena!Edit

Ps icon sr 17 With additional free duels per day you can attack more often and rise faster in the rankings!

Heroes advance faster!Edit

Ps icon sr 11 Your heroes will learn faster and more easily achieve high levels!

Attack with one click!Edit

Ps icon sr 7 c Attack fast and with no extra work - only the greatest rulers can do this!

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