Why do I need ore and how to get it?Edit

You can excavate ore in mine until it's exhausted. You can also get is as a reward in Arena fights, in mine fights or in lairs (when you use Scavengers technology). It's necessary to buy units and improve buildings.

What are mines?Edit

When you send one of your heroes to the mine, he will excavate ore there until the mine is exhausted or until you call him back to the city. Airship with ore will fly from the mine to your city every 15 minutes.

Why do I need tanadu and how to get it?Edit

You need tanadu to buy units on higher levels and to develop technologies. It's one of the rewards for fights in lairs from the level 10 and higher. You can also get it for Arena fights and battles in mines (though it's not guaranteed in every fight).

How to get more gold?Edit

  • develop technologies – Economy increases amount of gold gathered in the City Gate, other technologies also adds more gold to your treasury
  • complete quests
  • fight in the Arena, in mines (with other players) or in lairs
  • sell items you don't need in the Market
  • steal gold from other cities (only players marked as enemies)
  • send caravans to friends

What's the maximum limit of gold owned at the same time?Edit

This limit is 100 milion gold.

How to get Gleemmers (G)?Edit

When you start the game you get free 20G + 35G from tutorial quests. You can buy them for real money or put your desired premium item/service in your wishlist and ask another player to get it for you.

NOTE: you can't send a premium item using free gleemmers, you have to at least once replenish your account first.


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