Does the game save its status automatically? How to logout?Edit

The game is saving its status continuously in real time. Game is connected to your account on the portal that you play Tanadu on, so we don't need logout option in the game. When you logout from the portal, you logout from the game.

Can I have two accounts in Tanadu?Edit

One person can have one account per server/game world, but it's best to play on different browsers (if you intend to play on different accounts at the same time). If you open the same account on two browsers/computers at once – then you can experience problems e.g. with finishing quests.

What is the game log and what's in it?Edit

Log window opens when you enter the game. You can view it anytime you want - to open it, click on the first icon on the left game bar. It's also available from the upper menu Tools -> Log. In the log you will find record of most of your ingame activities, also of your friends and enemies. These are eg battle reports, info about finished technology development or new rank in the Arena.

What races are available in Tanadu and what's the difference between them?Edit

Player can choose one of three races: Elves, Humans and Orcs. Each one has different army units and spells, though race doesn't influence their usefulness in the battle. Apart from playable races there are also unit races, eg Dwarves, Goblins etc.

How can I delete my game account?Edit

So far we don't have a „delete account” option. It should delete itself after about 14 days of not logging in, depending on its development status. You can also write to support team with request of immediate account removal.

What's the difference between Glory and Fame?Edit

You can get Fame in fights on Arena, Glory - in fights with other players and NPCs. The amount of earned Fame Points is presented in Arena Ranking, and Glory Points - in Glory Rankings.

How do you count Fame Points?Edit

Fame Points are given to the player that has won a fight in the Arena. Their number depends on the level distinction between heroes and the percentage of health points remaining after the fight.

How do you count Glory Points?Edit

Every player gets 1000 Glory Points for start. Permanent game elements i.e. technologies, also give you a certain amount of Glory. The main component of your Glory Ranking are points aquired in fights - we count points for battles with NPCs (and other players in mines) earned in the last three months. Glory Points are given regardless of battle outcome.

Factors that increase the number of received Glory Points:

  • enemy losses
  • lower level than the enemy's
  • the highest level of battle difficulty
  • won battle
  • high quality of the enemy units

Factors that reduce the number of received Glory Points:

  • your losses
  • higher level than the enemy's
  • the lowest level of battle difficulty
  • lost battle
  • low quality of the enemy units

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